Aries Gold
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Aries Gold
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Hand-sculpted Zodiac Pendant

Available in solid gold (14K or 18K), blackened sterling silver with gold bezel, or solid sterling silver (with gold or silver jump ring)

Zodiac sign hand-lettered in Greek.

**Please allow for approximately 3 weeks lead time

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About the Aries pendant:

Befitting the courage and passion of Aries, this pendant was inspired by a 5th century B.C. Athenian drawing of Krios, the flying golden-fleeced ram. Krios sacrificed himself to save the children of the Nymph Nephele.

From the artist:

“My work is sculpted entirely by hand. I prefer the warmth and authenticity of ancient artwork (each piece being unique and distinct) to the uniformity of modern-day machined product”

“My inspiration comes from ancient art in its various and remarkable forms - cave paintings, sculptures, antique coins, mythology. Even fossils inspire.”

“I hope to create fun, meaningful and timeless pieces to accompany you everywhere…”

“Some things I find are enhanced with age; they become richer and more beautiful with wear. Their unique imperfections - a few nicks and scratches from the carving, a finger print or two - give each piece interest and help to create a story. I have always preferred jewelry and sculptures to clothes for that reason - the lasting quality of it.”